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Hello! My name is Trey Wiedmann. I am a rising 10th-grade student at Chapel Hill High School. In my spare time I enjoy composing music, coding, playing instruments, and playing video games. Some of my interests include mathematics, music, and computer science. I hope that in the future I will find a job in one of these fields, or maybe even integrate multiple of these fields into a single job.

This website is my personal Shodor portfolio website. All of this website and the projects featured on it have been, at least in some part, created by me during my time working in the apprenticeship program at Shodor. The blog part of my website details the activities that I have done every day at Shodor, and the entries go all the way back to my first day working in the apprenticeship program.

As you can see, I enjoy computers a lot, which is why I decided to apply to the apprenticeship program at Shodor. Computing is an extremely powerful tool that I wish to learn how to wield. When I heard about the apprenticeship program, I was excited to hear that Shodor emphasizes the use of computing to solve real-world problems. One of my strongest beliefs is that computing should be applied to real problems, such as through the use of models and simulations. Shodor is teaching me to not only code but also how to critically think and how to apply computing to real-world situations.

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Last Day as an Apprentice

Today was my last day at Shodor working as an apprentice. In the morning, I made sure that my website was perfect enough to present to everyone. I fixed quite a few bugs and inconsistencies. After that, I practiced my presentation with some of the other apprentices to get some f...

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