Tyler's Website


Hello there! My name is Tyler Cozart, an apprentice for Shodor. I am a student athlete for my high school and a rising 10th grader. I am a year-round athlete , I start off with Cross country then begin indoor track then go to outdoor track. While I am an athlete I am a student first, I am a member of the Junior Beta Club and the Freshmen Honors Society at my school. I have been on A B Honor Roll all year long and I've done many hours of community service. I'm also a dancer because of my sister and I'm a big fan of music from any genre, I love the rythmes, tempos, beats and bass of music. My favorite singer growing up was Chris Brown because he could sing and dance and I always wanted to dance just like him. Now that I'm older I really just want to get better in certain areas of dancing. I am working on becoming bi-lingual by learning spanish which has two major advantages, scholarships and understanding more people of the world. I plan to attend either A&T University or NC State University and major in Computer Science and minor in Art. While attending college I plan to run track and maybe cross country depending on if I can keep up the busy schedule all year long but if not then track will be my only sport for college. From there I plan to work and program videogames for a videogame company or become an Olympic runner for team USA for the mile and the 800 meter run. For right now I am at Shodor to learn the basics of coding and the different languages to code in and make models with. So far I really have learned so much and I'm glad and thankful that I was chosen for the program. To the left is a list of my work that I have done so far at Shodor, please go check them out.