About Me

My name is Shondale Rhodes and I pride myself in my creativeness and imagination. Ever since I was a kid I loved to make my own characters and stories in different situations. When I would watch a show or cartoon, I would make up my own character in the show or cartoon and have him or her interact with the other characters. That’s another reason I love games on computers because I can create limitless situations with those two things. This is very fun for me and I never get tired of it. I like to read because of this also. I get to imagine what everything looks like and make my own character. It is very rare when I don’t have any ideas for something. I might have an idea for something that might be too big of an idea or too complicated to enforce at that point of time but, I don’t even remember a time where I couldn’t think of any sort of idea which I am very proud of. I like to have fun with my work. I don’t like to do work that would be boring to me which is a problem for my school life but, I don’t think it will be one when I am in my career field. I think every aspect of computers and games to be fascinating. The thought of being able to solve a problem, make money, and make someone else happy doing something I love is amazing to me. I like making people happy because it makes me feel good too. I also pride myself by making others happy. I like to make jokes that make me and others smile. I’m not a big fan of making fun of others unless they are trying to hurt someone else. When I can make someone else smile and make them feel better, I feel a sense of accomplishment.