Seokyoung's Personal Portfolio


This website is a collection of the work I have completed during the apprentice program at Shodor. It documents the growth and experience I have gained in not only computing skills, but also in etiquette and professional behavior in the office workspace. There are two main components linked in this personal portfolio. One is my blog, which is updated weekly, recounting the events that took place in the meetings and what concepts I learned. The other is the work portfolio, which showcases all the work that I have completed with a description and links of its functions.

About Me

Hello, my name is Seokyoung Hong. I am currently a sophomore at East Chapel Hill High School and I am currently undergoing the apprenticeship program at Shodor. Some of my personal interests include: completing puzzles, playing tennis, comparing the texture of chili at different restaurants. More relevantly, however, I enjoy programming and learning about computers, especially making little projects (okay, games) for myself.

Initially, I signed up for Shodor’s Scholars Program as a summer fling to learn more about programming, but after attending the workshop I was legitimately interested in attaining more skills that I could actually use in a real life situation. The program briefly showcased the skills that the apprenticeship program would go into depth about, and I was hooked. Since then, I have learned a variety of skills that are not just programming, like in presentation or planning or modeling and many more.