Professional Office Ethics

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Ronald Broadnax

Current Date: January 05, 2012

Ethics homework

Answer the following scenario in essay form. Think about the long term effects of your decision on personal interaction and business productivity in a real business environment.

Bob, your manager, is CEO and director of the RED company. Patricia, Simon, and you have been assigned as team leads for three inter-related (similar talents) groups. The RED company has an opportunity to win a $19M foundation funding if it is successful in completing and submitting an entry into the Interactive Bio-Ergonomic Symposium in Cleveland within the next 45 days. The only other known competitor is the BLUE company. Patricia's team massages and compiles data, creates statistics, and generates charts. Simon's team generates actual models based on the client's input data, and normalized costs based on the clients input. Your team is responsible for the public interface. That is, your team will design the GUI, all meta keys, scripts, and any APIs needed to talk to simon's and Patricia's applications. From the most recent status meeting with Bob, it was noted that Simon was on track, Patricia was actually ahead of schedule, and you were lagging behind. You promised Bob that your team would be on target so that the RED company could submit it's entry within the time allotted. You assured Bob that failure is not an option. What you didn't tell Bob was that you and your four other team members were already working 50-60 hours per week. In addition, you find out that Troy, a programmer, has been "moonlighting" his talents with another small business. (he really needs the money!). Though he is an excellent programmer, his productivity has noticeably decreased. Susan is privy of Troy's productivity and has helped him on occasion, but she cannot afford to trade her home life with husband and children to cover for Troy. anyway, she is a PHP programmer; Troy's expertise is in HTML and CPP. Andy and Shanetta have strengths in graphics design. andy is going through a divorce and has to balance legal issues with work. He is just short of obnoxious, but is smart. His legal issues should be completed within a month or so. Shanetta has marketing experience, and, sometimes, upon Bob's request, acts as the RED company's PR person. She is young and talented, though, and if pushed too hard, would leave the RED company in a heartbeat. You have some experience in all of the technical areas, and have done a good job filling in where needed in addition to your assigned script writing task. You are already working extra hours. Lastly, you and your teammates are friends.

Drawing from some of the ideas presented in the ethics class and your own experiences and professionalism,please answer the question "What are you going to do?" Write in essay form what you think is a professional, ethical, viable solution for your team's success.

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