Paul James' Website

About Me

Hello! My name is Paul James, and welcome to my Shodor website! I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina about 10 years ago. My hobbies include swimming, listening to music, watching Netflix (especially The Office), and playing frisbee, just to name a few. I have played frisbee for the last five years, starting in 8th grade, and it has grown on me so much since then. I am currently a senior at East Chapel Hill High School, and in college I hope to study in a field of engineering, specifically mechanical, electrical, or computer science. I have various aspects of engineering during high school through Project Lead The Way classes, which start off general and branch off into different fields such as eletrical and aeronautical engineering. I learned about the Apprenticeship Program through the Shodor Scholars Program that I did over the summer of this year, and I am really excited for what is in store in terms of programming, coding, and modeling.