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This website is about my relationship with Shodor, why I wanted to become an apprentice, and what I have and am currently learning.

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My name is Om Nerurkar, and I am currently an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech. Before Shodor, I never had a compelling desire to specifically learn about computational science. Instead, I was the type of child who would incessantly read about numerous topics in science, mathematics, history, and even literature. This broad vision of learning that I had taught me one very important thing: computational science was the future. From simple modeling concepts to parallel programming, I would have to learn and be passionate about this vast branch to succeed in any other. This knowledge prompted me to attend the Shodor Scholars Program, which gave me a preview of the concepts and rigor I would experience as an apprentice. Once I came out of SSP, I decided that I wanted to become an intern at Shodor in order to pursue the knowledge that this jewel of a program had to offer. I have not once regretted my choice, but instead have embraced it as part of my identity. The main skills that I, as an apprentice, was excited about learning included Agent Cubes modeling, Vensim modeling, Java Script modeling, and the use of tools such as Microsoft Excel. These skills go further than to help us simply code, Dr. Panoff frequently reminded us, as coding could be outsourced. On the other hand, modeling requires a creative, human mind to think and apply variables that make it realistic and useful. This focus on modeling is one of the most unique aspects of Shodor, instead of yet another programming class. While Shodor has indeed provided me with much, I have not forgotten that I too owe a debt to them. This is why I take every opportunity to perform "other duties as assigned," or to pick up one extra piece of trash in the break room. These duties have also helped me become a better citizen, as well as an educated one. Outside of Shodor, meanwhile, my hobbies include volunteering at the senior center and competitive cycling. Volunteering has broadened my perspective to levels I could not have imagined even a couple of months ago, and has taught me that I take way too many things for granted in life. Racing, on the other hand, has allowed me to push my mental stress and suffering capabilities to a whole other level, while allowing me to train in the great outdoors. Overall, these three activities have helped me become a happy, complete, and productive citizen, all while preparing me for an increasingly competitive world.

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