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Welcome to my Website. My name is Mihir Khadri and I am currently a Shodor Apprentice. I am a junior at PantherCreek Highschool. I really love computers so I built my own at home. I mainly use it for gaming, and occasionally school work. On the weekends, I work as a soccer referee. I love to help my community so I love to volunteer. One cool thing people dont know about me is that I used to play soccer on a national level. I used to travel all around the country to play soccer. Until I blew out my knee. Unfortunately I had to stop playing and I couldnt keep up with the progression other kids were making. Thats why I work as a soccer referee, to keep in touch with the game. Now I got into computers and I love them. Hoping to have a carrer focused on computers.

“Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day.Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.”

―Waseem Latif


Aug 9 2017

Today was the 8th day of block 3. I am almost done with my website and its looking really good. I just got to finish adding the rest of my blogs and and adding the rest of my portfolio. After lunch kristen gave us a presentation on writing resumes and we wrote our first ever resume. I finished writing it and I sent her the email to sumbit it. One thing that messed up was the spacing.

Aug 8 2017

Twas the 7th day of block 3 and I finished working on the dice roll project. After I finished I started working on making my new website. My new website looks pretty clean. I got mostly everything working except for the portfolio. I need to work on the portfolio tomarrow. I really liked working on my new website, I had a lot of fun.

Aug 7 2017

Today is the 6th day of block 3. I really struggled today with the dice roll project. I had to take the data from the dice roll project and input it into a database. That was probably the hardest part because it took forever. I got most of the data to get into the database. I just need to get the color to get in there it just dosnt like to cooperate.

July 28 2017

Was not here this day.

July 27 2017

Twas the fourth day of block 3 and my last day for this week since I won't be here friday. This morning I had documentation and I took a lot of notes so I wasnt able to work on my projects. But after lunch I worked on the my-sql dice project and I got some things to work. It was really frustrating and hard but I got through the day so its fine.

July 26 2017

Twas the third day of block 3 and I worked on my first mysql project which was to take the user input in the dice roll and put it in the data base. I was really frustrated with databases but I eventually figured it out. I got stuck with adding the user input to the database but all I had to do was end the code. Honestly I really hate databases so im pushing through this week.

July 25th 2017

It twas the second day of blocK 3 and we worked on connecting our tables with actual code. yesterday we only drew it out because we needed to plan it out. Honestly my-sql is really easy because its really easy code. I think its really boring though. But other than that ernie showed us how to make it and it wasn't that fun. Also ernie wasn't feeling that well and so was I.

July 24th 2017

Today was the first day of block 3 we worked on our syntax sheet for mysql. We did a lot of research today on mysql it was really boring because it was really it easy. I could relate to what we learned because I took a class in my HighSchool that works with databases.

July 21th 2017

Today is the last day of block 2. I finished everything for block 2 and block 1 so I should be good for the stipend at the end of summer so far. I really like working with the workshops because little kids are really fun to work with and thery are really funny. I really enjoyed this block.

Jul 20th 2017

Today is the second to last day of block 2 and I had my mentor meeting. Aaron helped me touch up my dice project which was good because it looks cleaner. This morning I worked on my XML blog which ernie told me not to work on later so I stopped. I am going to work on the form validation tomarrow.

Jul 19th 2017

Today I finished working on my background color selector. This project was focused on using cookies to save the users data. I figured out how to do it using hunys help and from what I learned from Huny I taught Chris and William on how to use the cookies function.

Jul 18th 2017

Today I worked on my finishing my calendar which I was able to do, all I had to do was add the spacing in the calendar. Aaron helped me with this and it was really hard to figure out but I eventually figured it out. Aaron helped me by making me write it out on paper and write Pseudo code and then translate it to PHP.

Jul 17th 2017

This morning I had morning documentation again and I did the web design class. Joel did a good job keeping the middle schoolers in line because sometimes they can get loud. Joel taught them how to add images to their websites which was really fun for them to learn. But I missed out in the morning because Ernie went over the $_GET and $_POST and how hackers can change the forms to do what they want.

Jul 14th 2017

Today we worked on finishing our projects I worked on my calendar which was really hard to figure out. I learned a lot from Miguel because he is a great teacher and he is very smart. I eventually figured out how to get the calendar working but I couldn't get the spacing within the months.

Jul 13th 2017

Today I had morning documentation so I missed Miguel's presentation but I ended up finishing it later in the day. I documented the Web Design class and they learned all about HTML and CSS. Joel was a good instructor because he was very interested in the topic which created a lot of great discussions in the class.

Jul 12th 2017

Today was the third day at shodor. Ernie showed us how to incorporate HTML and PHP together. After that I ate lunch and played cards. When we came back I helped Huny with his random hexcode generator. After that I worked on my jane doe which almost works I just have to CSS it.

Jul 11th 2017

Today was the second day of block 2 and it was a lot of work. Ernie showed us some PHP stuff and how to make a coin flip model. After that I got to work on the hexcode color generator. I finished with Miguel's help and he taught me 2 ways to do it which helped me learned more.

July 10th 2017

Today was the first day of the second block and I was excited. We got to work on PHP and and it was really fun. I really enjoyed my first day back after a week break because of July 4th week.

June 30th 2017

Today was the last day of the first block. We finished up on all out projects. Since Jackson had his last day at Shodor he got to present all the work he had done for the first block. He did a pretty good job with all of his projects.

June 29th 2017

Today was the 9th day of apprentice program. I had some issues with my website but I fixed it. It took me a while to fix it but I figured it out with the interns.

June 28th 2017

Today was the 8th day of the Apprenticeship Program.I worked really hard today on adding banners to pictures. It makes my website look a lot better.

June 27th 2017

Today I worked on creating my inkskape and gimp projects. I did lot of masking and cutting images and putting them in with other pictures.

June 26th 2017

I worked on my 7 picture collage, messing with Ernie, and all my logo designs for my website. I also helped the people sitting around me with their projects as well.

June 23rd 2017

Wasn't Here Today.

June 22nd 2017

Today we worked on our responsive websites, it was a pretty long day because that's all I worked on.

June 21st 2017

Today we worked on finishing our websites, and I finished mine. I added all my screenshots and descriptions for both the Vensim and agent cubes web pages.

June 20th 2017

Today we worked on our Vensim models as well as work on our website for the whole project. After I finished my Vensim Model I went to lunch and when I came back I had do my ODAA which was document for the workshop. I sat in the back and took pictures for them, after I got several pictures, I worked on my website which I was not able to finish.

June 19th 2017

Today we worked on starting from scratch on making our HLD's. My topic was energy consumption compared to how many people are in the house. I also finished my agent cubes. I worked most of the day on my agent cubes.

April 22nd 2017

Today's class was all about building upon what we started last week. We got to do hands on parallel computing which was really cool.

April 8th 2017

Today we continued to learn about Parallel Computing. Just like last week, today I realized there is a lot more about this topic than I thought.

April 1st 2017

Happy April fools. Today we learned about parallel computing. This method of programming is more complex than I thought it was.

March 18th 2017

Today was our last day of working on our partner programming project where we turned a pre-existing predator-prey model into a forest fire model.

March 11th 2017

Today we continued working on our partner programming project. Sadly, I wasn't here

March 4th 2017

Today we starting our partner programming project, where we are turning a predator-prey or disease model into a fire model. Jackson and I chose to start out with a predator-prey model.

February 18th 2017

Today was the last day that we are learning about JavaScript and working with it. For the past 3 weeks we have been taught how to use JavaScript by changing a predator-prey model to a disease model.

February 11th 2017

Today we briefly summarized the Programming Concepts that we resumed learning about last week. After that we continued working in Atom on changing a predator-prey model to a disease model.

February 4th 2017

Today we resumed learning about Programming Concepts. We talked about ones we remembered from the beginning of the year, and then discussed new concepts.

January 14 2017

Today we worked on our Websites, we added our finishing touches so to our project. I had a really fun time presenting to the class about our project which you can see in my portfolio page.

Today I worked on my agent cubes. Jim helped me a lot because I could not figure anything out by my self. Huny was not here this day so I did all the work on the website and I emailed him everything I worked on.

December 10 2016

Today we put in our finishing touches on our Vensim model. I finished my agent cubes as well. Huny and I were working really well today. Next week we are presenting the projects we finished today.

November 19 2016

Today we learned how to use agent cubes. It was really fun because I got to control the main screen because my computer was not working. We learned how to make a story and make our own simulations.

November 12 2016

Today we learned how to use Vensim modeling program. We made two graphs on rabbits growth and Healthy V Sick. It was very exciting because we learned new things like Successive Approximation. These things were easy to learn because Dr.Panoff is a good teacher.

November 5 2016

Today I learned how to make a diffusion graph using Excel. I also I created a simulation of the trailer that Mr.Panoff stayed in using stimulation

October 22 2016

Today I learned about basic Excel Coding. I created my own code to add up the numbers in Random Walk. We also looked at old models made my the past Shodor apprentices. We also got a presentation from a former NASA member, which was pretty cool because NASA is a big companies.

October 15 2016

This week lived up to what I was hoping for from last week. We got to meet Dr. Panoff for the first time and I hope he can teach us more. His teaching style was very interactive and interesting. We also got to work in the apprenticeship lab for the first time which was cool. Mr.. Broadnax gave a presentation about being appropriate in a workspace. It was entertaining and informational at the same time.

October 8 2016

Today I learned who my mentor was as well as my first day at Shodor. I was most excited about learning this because I will be working with my mentor for the rest of this program. I also learned how this program will work. The first thing we did was a tour and than we talked about ethics. I am very excited to be here.


1. Simple Population Excel SpreadSheet, description: This project shows how a simple population spreads using Microsoft Excel. Download the File Here.

2. Change Vs Behavior in Vensim, description: We made a model of change and behavior and comparing them using vensim. Download the File Here

3. Rabbits in Vensim, description, We made a predator prey model in vensim using rabbits and wolfs. Download the File Here

4. Healthy Plus Sick in Vensim, description, We made a predator prey model in vensim using healthy and sick people. Download the File Here

5. Ethics Homework: Answer the following scenario in essay form. Think about the long term effects of your decision on personal interaction and business productivity in a real business environment.

Bob, your manager, is CEO and director of the RED company. Patricia, Phil, and you have been assigned as team leads for three inter-related (similar talents) groups. The RED company has an opportunity to win a $19M foundation funding if it is successful in completing and submitting an entry into the Interactive Bio-Ergonomic Symposium in Cleveland within the next 45 days. The only other known competitor is the BLUE company. Patricia's team massages and compiles data, creates statistics, and generates charts. Ernie's team generates actual models based on the client's input data, and normalized costs based on the clients input. Your team is responsible for the public interface. That is, your team will design the GUI, all meta keys, scripts, and any APIs needed to talk to Ernie's and Patricia's applications. From the most recent status meeting with Bob, it was noted that Ernie was on track, Patricia was actually ahead of schedule, and you were lagging behind. You promised Bob that your team would be on target so that the RED company could submit it's entry within the time allotted. You assured Bob that failure is not an option. What you didn't tell Bob was that you and your four other team members were already working 50-60 hours per week. In addition, you find out that Troy, a programmer, has been "moonlighting" his talents with another small business. (he really needs the money!). Though he is an excellent programmer, his productivity has noticeably decreased. Susan is privy of Troy's productivity and has helped him on occasion, but she cannot afford to trade her home life with husband and children to cover for Troy. anyway, she is a PHP programmer; Troy's expertise is in HTML and CPP. Andy and Shanetta have strengths in graphics design. andy is going through a divorce and has to balance legal issues with work. He is just short of obnoxious, but is smart. His legal issues should be completed within a month or so. Shanetta has marketing experience, and, sometimes, upon Bob's request, acts as the RED company's PR person. She is young and talented, though, and if pushed too hard, would leave the RED company in a heartbeat. You have some experience in all of the technical areas, and have done a good job filling in where needed in addition to your assigned script writing task. You are already working extra hours. Lastly, you and your teammates are friends.

Drawing from some of the ideas presented in the ethics class and your own experiences and professionalism,please answer the question "What are you going to do?" Write in essay form what you think is a professional, ethical, viable solution for your team's success.

Answer: What I would do is to come together as a group and tell everyone what we are doing and what we are working on. We should also let everyone else know if there is anyone stopping us from working. If there is we could work together on a plan on who can cover for who. For example if the guy going through divorce had free time he could say that he could cover for someone else and when they had free time they could cover for him.

6. Birds And Worms Simulation, description, this was a model of the predetor-prey reltationship. Group Project 1

7. Programming Concepts,description, Programming concepts in a document. Download file Here

8. Iterations,description, iteration examples using excel. Download file Here

9. Thing 1,description, just a random square moving in a world. Go to project here

10. Disease Spread,description, A disease spread model. Go to project here

11. Computational Notebook,description, Notebook of all the supercomputer skills you need. Link

12. Forest Fire Project,description, Turned a disease model into a forestfire using javascript. Link

13. Energy Consumption,description, Model of energy being used in a house using agentcubes and vensim Link

14. Responsive Website,description, a website that can be used on a phone. Link

15. SQL Guide,description, Simple MYSQL code in a document. Link

16. HLD For Energy Consumotion MOdel,description, High Level Desgin Document for my model. Link

All of these project were created using PHP and HTML, I really had a good time making these. They were a challenge and with the help of Shodor Staff I was able to get them done.

17. Background Selector,description, Select a background from a list. Link

18. Calendar,description, Calender make by php. Link

19. Coin Flip,description, Refresh the page for a coinflip. Link

20. Dice Roll,description, Choose number of dice and number of rolls and the numbers are generated. Link

21. Dane Joe,description, switches your name around. Link

22. Random Hex Color,description, Random Hex Color generator. Link

23. Dynamic Pages,description, website made by using php. Link

24. Dice Roll w/ Database,description, Diceroll but stores all the data using MYSQL. Link

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A good programmer is someone who looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.

- Doug Linder