My name is Joseph Ma. In elementary school, I attended Salem Elementary, and currently go to Fred J. Carnage AIG Magnet Middle as an 8th grader in the class of 2020. When I was in elementary school, I really enjoyed the music and PE class. I also really liked math in elementary school. One big plus in elementary school is that there was recess. Carnage has a good music program and sports program, even though we don’t have an Ultimate Team, I am planning on starting a school team. One of my greatest strengths academically is geometric mathematics. I am very good at logic puzzles. Outside of school, I play Ultimate, ping pong, and tennis competitively, and I am a decent player in most sports.

I have been playing ultimate for a few (1-2) years, and have played on a few ultimate teams, such as the Soaring Carrot Sticks, and a summer league u16 team with TYUL This year, I plan on playing on the u16 team entitled "NC Hammer" which has done well in nationals in the past few years. I play ping-pong decently and am rated (albeit underrated hopefully) as 1201. I play in tournaments and am a regular at Triangle Table Tennis. I practice and train there at a minimum of 2-4 days per week. Ping-Pong may seem like a simple sport, but it is actually a very difficult sport to play. It requires lots of hand-eye coordiniation and strength. I have played an instrument for nine and a half years. I have played for many different orchestras' such as Carnage's GT Advanced orchestra, Advanced orchestra, and their intermediate orchestra. I have also played in TACAS (Triangle Area Chinese American Symphony), as well as many different orchestras for the Philharmonic Association.