About Me

Hello! My name is Huny Chung. I was born in Korea on November 7th in 2000. I moved from Korea to North Carolina when I was about to enter 3rd grade due to my father's job. I really did not know much English and the traditions of the US. Slowly and slowly I learned English and made many friends. I am now 16 and will become a junior at East Chapel Hill High School this fall. I used to play soccer and track & fields but I have quit sports to not be overwhelmed of the work load from my classes. However I have continuously played the flute from 8th grade until now. My interests are architechture, computers, and puzzles. I have especially liked puzzles since I was little. This is most likely due to my mother's influence as a math teacher. To me math problems are like little puzzles. As long as they are not too hard they can be fun. My current biggest interest is computer. Although I have always played computer games I have never attempted coding or anything really useful. But now I am an apprentice in Shodor. I have learned practical ways to use coding and modeling using computers.