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About me:

I am a student at Cary High and am currently an apprentice with Shodor. I love working with computers and any other technology. I especially enjoy html and modeling. In school I have also taken two CET classes, learning to assemble and disassemble computers. When I am not working on computers, I am probably doing school work such as precalculous, AP environmental science, US History, and Spanish III. When I am free from homework, I will be doing one of my various hobbies such as: reading, video games, and playing my violin and viola. If you don't know what a viola is, you should read this.

Orchestra has taken up a lot of my time this year. We have done chamber music, had two guest composers, and I've even had the chance to play a solo part in two pieces over the course of the year. It's been lots of fun though. I am also always to expand my library of music, which includes everything from metal to classical. Oddly enough, some of my favorite music is not even in English, though that is the only language I speak. One of my favorite songs is a version of En Kungens Man made by Falconer. I have also recently discovered String Quartet No. 14 in D minor my Schubert, also called Death and the Maiden. In my opinion it is probably one of the best quartet peices ever written.

I am also occupied with attempting to find time to play Modern Warfare 3, which has just come out, on my PS3. I’m sorely out of practice. Other games I play include, Dragon Age: Origins, which is probably one of my favorites, Skyrim, and Battlefield 2.

Somehow I have found time for reading while also keeping up with all my homework. I’ll read almost anything with text on it, so long as it’s in English. Working on my Spanish though. Out of everything I have every read, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is my favorite. The sequel, The Wise Man's Fear, was also pretty good.