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I have, in my opinion, a rather ambitious future. After I graduate from my school, Kestrel Heights, I plan on going to university that is very academic. I wish to be somewhere in the computer field. I'm still not sure where though... Later in my life, I hope to work for Cisco, maybe even Shodor! After I’m able to start working, I hope to have a family.

I have also learned many things here at Shodor, it has been such a great influence on my life. Shodor has helped me to learn how to work with different people, and even how to overcome any problems I have to face. Shodor, and the staff that work there, have helped me to learn how to think outside the box.

I am able to do great and valuable things from the stuff that I learned from Shodor. For one, I learned how to create many models using different programs, such as Vensim and NetLogo. I even have learned to make models that help to back up my opinions about an issue. An example of this is that if a population eats up all of its food, it will dramatically lower the survival rate, which people should know anyway. I have a model, my AgentSheets project, shows this very issue. If the rabbits eat all of their food, they die of hunger, and the wolves start to die as well.

Shodor also helped me to learn that sometimes, I am going to have to work alone at some point. For example, I wanted to have a random banner generator for my website, but Philip, an intern here at Shodor, said that I had to learn JavaScript on my own if I want a random banner generator. He said that when I'm promoted, that no one would be able to help me, also, he said that learning how to do it on my own would make it feel a lot better when I was done with it. He was right.

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