About Me

My name is Divya Aikat and I'm a volunteer intern at Shodor and a junior at the North Carolina School of Science and Math. I hope to work in computer science or technology when I grow up. To see my work at Shodor, click on my portfolio!

I run cross country and I've done track in the past. I really love reading and hanging out with friends. I also really enjoy watching Netflix and my favorite shows are House M.D., Suits, and New Girl. I have an older brother, who's currently a Morehead-Cain scholar at UNC and also worked at Shodor. I was born and raised in Chapel Hill and both of my parents are professors at UNC. I joined Shodor because I really enjoy programming and I want to learn more about technology, science, and math and their real-life applications. I've also completed the apprenticeship, the Shodor Scholars Program, and many of the other workshops at Shodor.