Hello, my name is Chris and I am an Apprentice at Shodor. I am sixteen years old in the eleventh grade. My favorite things to do are to play videogames and play with my two little brothers. The reason I came to Shodor was to develop skills in the technology workforce because it is interesting and very fun to participate in. I want to major in both graphic design and coding. I also want to become an author because I love to read and write. I am writing a story right now that I want to publish when reach the age to do so. Shodor is a life changing experience for me and I am glad that I was told about this amazing program. It will help far in life such as college or the job I apply for that deals with anything technological.

Things About Me

I am sixteen years old in the eleventh grade. I will be taking both honor and AP classes and a few college courses starting this coming school year. I have three brothers and three sisters. My three sister's names are Kourtney, Kayla, and Skylah. My three brother's names are Brandon, Braylon, and Zane. I also have a pet chihuahua named Lola. My favorite hobbies are to play videogames, hang out with my friends, play sports such as baseball or wrestling, and I love to eat pizza. My favorite videogames series are the Souls Series, the Elder Scrolls Series, Battlefield Series, and the Fallout Series. I like to listen to both classical and rock music. I also will be getting my license soon so that is also extremely exciting.

This Website was created by Chris Parker Special Thanks to the Shodor Staff.