Welcome to my website!

About me

I'm Claire Thananopavarn, and I'm an eighth grader at Smith Middle school. I like gymnastics, eyeliner, the color pink, writing very long blog posts, and calculator programming. The first two don't have anything to do with Shodor (at least, I think). However, I've always had an interest in programming things to "do my bidding" and I've been programming my calculator to say silly things since sixth grade.

My interest in programming is linked to my love of design. Whenever I have to create a website (for my school projects), I always felt limited in my design choices. I would always try to find a place to input a little bit of extra HTML or CSS to take back some design control. I like to make things look nice, and I want to be able to express myself. Because of this, I wanted the freedom that programming presents: the ability to do what I want. I don't really like cleaning my room, but interior design is fun. And I don't like writing presentations; arranging everything nicely is the only enjoyable part. Because of design, I've always had an interest in programming.

Once I started to actually learn my first programming language, TI-Basic (calculator code), I also learned that programming isn't just a tool, it's also fun! Sure, bugs can be tedious, but it's so satisfying to get anything working! Our programming assignments in math class also allowed me the freedom to reach the solution in any way I could think of, and it's fun to get my mind working.

I also just like things more when they're on computers. Don't ask me why, I just enjoy the feel of working on a computer.

Pencil and paper work? I sleep. Digital assignment? Real stuff!

Shodor was an opportunity for me to learn programming and computer skills. Along the way, I've met new friends, talked a lot, done my work, and abused the color pink. I've also picked up other skills, like scientific modeling, effectively working in a group, planning before doing, and to knock before entering an office.

Even though I like design, my love of pink overrides that.