About Me

Hello my name is Braxton Thaylor Smith. I am a current rising junior at Josephine Dobbs Clement Early College Highschool in Durham, NC. But before my times as a child and teenager, I was born at the Henry Ford hospital in Detroit, Michigan on October 22, 1999. I was born to Bernard Smith and LaKiesha Harris and I am currently the third out of four children, two sisters and one brother not including myself. My hobbies include the many mediums of art such as drawing and painting, playing vast amounts of video games, and playing sports. I participate in many activities ranging from a bowling league at the Durham AMF Lanes, to a college program that tours the many universities of the Eastern Coast. I am a very scholarly student at school who has acquired high achieving grades since the 3rd grade and I maintain rank 4 out of 96 intellectual students in my sophomore class. But enough about my childhood, I have an assortment of hopes and dreams to complete in my lifetime and I plan to complete them all. After my times at Early College Highschool, I plan to go to finish my Bachelor's in Graphic Design or Computer Science at North Carolina State or NC A & T with the credits I acquire from Early College High School. After that I would pursue my Master's Degree in Engineering or Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and then search for a solid career.

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