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As the apprenticeship now comes close to an end, I still have lots of work I need to do before I'm ready to present, eek!




Oh no, it's now the last week of the apprenticeship program! I'll definitely miss this wonderful opportunity in the future as I hopefully begin to work toward new and different projects in the future.


It's another Friday, as we b


Unfortunately, just like yesterday, I




As Block 3 begins, I'm really excited to start learning about a new skill! Manipulating and writing to databases are probably one of the most important skills in web development, and I


Aand, block 2 also ends right here, with us having a fairly firm grasp of PHP and JavaScript concepts



Today, I began to work more on Krista's projects, because those have lots of


More PHP work today, wrapping up some of the projects from the


We worked on the Dynamic pages project today!




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Day 2 of block 2! Today, we continued working on the PHP guide, and also I worked on catching up some projects from the first block. Since the modeling project still has notable absences from the features I wish to add into


Aaaaaand, we're back in the apprenticeship today, immediately getting a big start on the JavaScript and PHP programming concepts, as we worked through a big workbook of different concepts. These programming concepts


Yikes, the main important message from today was that I still didn't get my agent model done. I hope I can keep working on this over the weekend and get it complete, but the model is still not very functional, as the various collisions are very complex, causing the computer to lag. I think the model is more optimized now, but it's still unable to effectively count collisions. On another note, I was able to keep working on the images, but my seven object collage is still somewhat aesthetically unpleasing, as is with my logos and favicons. I also made good progress on the plan, and got some basic diagrams drawn and wrote out outlines to help on this planning.


As the projects began to near their due date, I continued to polish/finalize the various projects. I was really happy with my breakthrough on the Excel project today, as I was finally able to allow for the model to log the collisions and release wavelength data based on electron transitions! Thus, I could use this to help derive a relation similar to the rydberg formula. However, my agent model seem to be in a bit of trouble, as it was consistently lagging behind and the collisions were not being logged due to incredible lag; in fact, the console wouldn’t even open. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get that done tomorrow.


Whoo, the halfway point for week 2! Today was fairly productive, as I continued working on the Inkscape projects and also continued working through the various versions of the system model, creating multiple excel pages to log different properties of electrons. This project has been a lot of fun, as I’ve been using various formulas in an attempt to prove other well-known equations. However, wrangling with excel’s various functions has been fairly annoying, but I hope that I can add stochastic motion to the model in the next few days, as the current “model” requires a lot of user input and doesn’t really model that much, although that should change soon. Really excited about the next few days!


Today was the second day of week 2, and to be honest, I feel like I'm kinda freaking out, with the pace that the project is going. I spent the last few days on Inkscape and will have those up along with the Gimp images, I hope. However, the initial collision detection algorithm I made for the agent model seems to be very glitchy and doesn’t seem to work, so I guess I can put that away for a bit so I can quickly make more progress on the other projects. The system model has been set up with its various pages, and the website planning is also going at a fairly good pace.


Ahh, I felt like I had some trouble waking up today xD. After a brief weekend, SHODOR began again and we immediately jumped into the various projects which we had started in the last week. Initially, we used gimp to show some cosmic turtles being blown up in a supernova! That was a very interesting project, and I continued to work on the main model and the various side projects. I also began working on the website plan, and this seems like a really fun project which I can work on in future.


It's Friday! This week flew by a lot faster than I had expected, as I continued to make incremental progress on each of my various projects. I worked on the InkScape and Gimp projects mainly today, getting more work done as the week drew to a close. Additionally, I spent a lot of time today working on the adaptable websites project, and that was a really cool proof of concept for how websites can be scaled for different platforms, as th. This seems quite applicable to future websites I’ll be working on. Also, I gotta do reflections again today (!) and kept writing out basic version plans for each of the projects. Inkscape is still having a few glitches, and I hope I can solve those, maybe with Ernie’s help, later.


We worked on more projects today, and the incremental planning/setup for the large project. However, I feel like the version control has begun to lapse a slight bit, so I think I should go back and update my various versions so that it can be a more accurate representation of what I want this project to be. Additionally, I continued playing around with InkScape in an attempt to find a logo which is truly aesthetically pleasing, but that’s still in the mix, as is the 7-object collage. These projects are still a bit overwhelming, and I’m still fighting through the numerous bugs in the programs I’m using, but I definitely hope I can find fixes to all of these issues later.


Yay, the planning for the ultimate project began in earnest today, as I began to line up the various pieces I needed to successfully complete the modeling project. After Ernie, Akash, and I had made numerous edits on my project idea, I began to version plan the final model in earnest. This project seems to be one which will be quite complicated, and hopefully being a realistic model of electron behavior or spectroscopic peaks, as the current model plan would be to shine light at all frequencies to detect transitions in the electron, and it would release light at different wavelengths, for the program to hopefully help log. This should be a very interesting activity and I hope that I can model all of the various emission spectra series.


Today was the second day of our Summer apprenticeship! We first started out with a short tutorial on GIMP, the graphics tool, and were able to start rescaling and resizing numerous pictures, and then afterwards, we went back toward our project for Ernie to give advice on. Since my project was slightly more in Dr. Panoff’s wheelhouse, Ernie encouraged me to talk to Dr. Panoff, and he was very nice about giving me ideas for expanding my project from a visualization into an actual model. This mostly changed my original idea from just entering the Rydberg formula to actually creating the model to use other relationships to go back and prove a relationship between wavelength and energy transitions. This awesome advice should hopefully help make my model more meaningful!


Yay! We had our first Summer apprenticeship meeting today and we began work on our first summer modeling project, which seems to be somewhat of an extension of projects we did in the fall. I decided to work with JavaScript, and Excel, to work on my models, because I think both of those systems have the most amount of available flexibility and ability to change it to my will. Today though, I’m still doing research on this topic of atomic spectra/nuclei, and I really hope I can both create a visual model to help for this project and also an Excel system model to graph different spectra using electron transitions, and hopefully I can use this to help derive relationships between electron transitions.