Welcome to Ben Ingham's Website!

Ben Ingham is a rising 12th grader at Chapel Hill High School in the class of 2017. His interests at school include math, science and history. Next year, he will be taking AP US Government and Politics, AP Statistics, and AP Physics 1 and 2. His interests outside of school include everything to do with computers, biking, reading, and hanging out with friends. He is very excited to be able to take AP US Government during an election season.

One of Ben's favorite things to do is play video games. He has an iPhone 6, a laptop with Windows 10, and a desktop with Windows 7 (that he built himself!). Some of his favorite games include Team Fortress 2, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and Grand Theft Auto V. Another one of Ben's favorite games, called American Truck Simulator, is just like Euro Truck Simulator 2, but it takes place in the United States.

At Shodor, Ben hopes to improve in various skills that are applicable in today's workplace, like communication skills. He also hopes to learn about programming, modeling, and simulation during his time at Shodor. So far, Ben has learned about a variety of computer programming concepts and applications, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Excel, AgentCubesOnline, Vensim, GIMP, Inkscape, Parallel Computing, PHP, and MySQL during his time as an apprentice at Shodor.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!