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Reference Materials
-Books on osteology, paleopathology
and forensic anthropology
-Encyclopedia Britannica
-Metric Conversion
-Medical Dictionary
-Free Medline Access
Judicial System
-FBI for Kids
Online Mysteries
-River of Venom
-The Blackout Syndrome
-Forensic Files (easiest one)
Forensic Science Links
-The Forensic Entomology Pages, International
-Cool links provided
by Washington State Univ.
-National Law Enforcement and
Corrections Technology Center
Osteology Articles & Links
-Human Osteology
-Bone Review
-The eSkeletons Project
-Discussion of the spine
-"Let the Bones Talk"
Facial Reconstruction
-Facial Reconstruction
at the NY State Museum
-Orange County, Fl. Sherrif's Office
"The Forensic Artist"
"The Body Farm" at U.T. Knoxville
(May not be appropriate
for young children.)
-Dead Men Talking
-Pastoral putrefaction
down on the Body Farm

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