Bunny Hopping Model

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What does this Model Represent?

This model provides a visual demonstration of the topography of a landscape. It can sometimes be difficult to represent heights and slopes on a 2-dimensional computer screen, so mapmakers use indicators to show the average height of each "square" of terrain. These indicators are usually color-coded to make it more obvious to viewers where the peaks and valleys are.

What are the elements of this Model?

This model simulates placing a random sprinkling of "bunnies" on a hilly landscape. As would be expected, once the model starts the bunnies will roll downhill, eventually congregating at one or more of the lowest points.

How do I use this Model?

To begin, it is recommended that you set the speed to "slower"; otherwise, the bunnies may move more quickly than you can track. As the model runs, you can choose how many rabbits on the field, as well as the smoothness. Higher smoothness values tend to lead to fewer, larger peaks and valleys, while lower smoothness values lead to more broken terrain.

What should I expect?

The rabbits should all quickly congregate at the lowest point(s) on the map. In general, more smooth terrain leads to fewer points of conglomeration (because all of the terrain is sloping down to those points) while rougher terrain leads to numerous, smaller clumps of rabbits.

Download the model file.