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Predator-Prey Model

What is this model?

This is a more complicated population model that includes two different groups - predators and prey. The population of prey in the model grows exponentially according to its birth fraction and death proportionality constant, while the population of predators in the model grows or shrinks based on the population of its prey alongside its birth rate and death proportionality constant. The result is to create one of two states for the model. It is possible for the populations to reach equilibrium where the number of predators and prey remains roughly stable over time, but it is also possible for one or both species to die out. Users can set the initial populations, the rules governing reproduction for both species, and the death rates of both species.

What can this Model be used to teach?

  • Understand the relationship between populations of predators and prey
  • Understand the effect of each parameter on the populations over time
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