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Michaelis Menton Equation

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Michaelis-Menton Equation Model

What is this model?

This is a system model of an enzyme reaction. In this reaction, each reactant molecule must bind to an enzyme molecule in order to become a product. Enzymes can only bind to one reactant at a time and take a fixed amount of time to convert it to a product, so the concentration of enzymes is the limiting factor for the reaction. The transformations of reactant and enzyme into enzyme-reactant complex, and enzyme-reactant complex into enzyme and product, are defined by the Michaelis-Menton equation. Parameters in this model determine the inputs to the equation, which in turn determine the rate of the reaction.

What can this Model be used to teach?

  • Understand the relationship between enzyme concentration, substrate concentration, and reaction speed
  • Examine the mathematics behind the reaction rate
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