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Mining Carbon from the Air


This page has links to help you download the models used in this module.

CO2FIX V 2.0 This is the professional forest model used in this lesson. It was produced by the CASFOR project by G.J. Nabuurs, J.F. Garza-Caligaris, M. Kanninen, T. Karjalainen, T. Lapvetelainen, J. Liski, O. Masera, G.M.J. Mohren, A. Pussinen, and M.J. Schelhaas of ALTERRA, UNAM, CATIE and EFI at the Wageningen University and Research Center .

The software, including input files, can be downloaded free from the:

CO2FixWURex1 I transferred the stock and flow tables from the first sample forest provided with the CO2 Fix model to an Excel spreadsheet. Your students can analyze the data for this run. They won't be able to change the variables in the model for a new run. 

CO2FIXexharvest is the second sample model provided with their suggested changes to include harvesting of the forest. The flow and stock tables are in an Excel spreadsheet.

DGLBeedhComploggmort is a third sample forest provided with the model. Again I copied the flow and stock tables to an Excel spreadsheet. This forest is a Douglas Fir and Beech plot with logging.

If you use these three Excel spreadsheets, your students will be able to mine the data to see how these forests grow and interact with the atmosphere. They won't be able to change the parameters of the model to recommend changing the forest management practices in order to maximize the CO2 sequestered.


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