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Flu Model

This page has additional background material and links to resources that may help you prepare for and extend the lesson.

"The SIR Model for Spread of Disease" is an online lesson developed at Duke University. It provides background and a description of the calculus involved in the model. Our Stella and Java models do the math behind the scene so your students don't need to understand it. 

"Flu in the United States" is the Center for Disease Control's discussion of the flu.

"INFLUENZA" is the World Health Organization's discussion of the flu.

"Influenza 1918" PBS's pages describing this epidemic, including a transcript of their broadcast.

"Quantifying Uncertainty in Modeling Epidemiology" the Los Alamos National Laboratory hosted workshops to promote modeling of epidemics and posted the results.

"Flu Shot Benefits Outweigh Costs In Healthy Young Adults, Researchers Find" report of Stanford research using a model to determine relative cost of different treatment strategies.


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