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Welcome to the Project SUCCEED-HI "What's New" page, where we bring collaborators, friends, and observers up-to-date on various activities and events!

November,2004: Feedback section added to DEAF CS
The new Feedback section contains comments, anecdotes and questions send in by teachers and the deaf community. In addition to answers to your questions there is a case study on the implementation of a lesson in a deaf class.

August,2004: DEAF CS Workshop for Math and Science teachers at Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
Kent Robertson, presented a workshop for VSDB teachers on the use of DEAF CS lessons and materials with deaf classrooms.

July,2004: SUCCEED-HI website renamed DEAF CS
In response to feedback from the deaf community the SUCCEED-HI web side was renamed DEAF CS (Deaf Educational Access For Computational Science). A new section DEAF Interactivate was also added which presents a sampling of math tools from Shodor's Interactivate site.

October,2003: SUCCEED-HI Biology and Earth Science Workshops for NC Science teachers
Kent Robertson, presented workshops for North Carolina Science teachers. The teachers practiced using Biology and Earth Science SUCCEED-Hi lessons. The workshops were conducted in partnership with Dr. Karen Dawkins at the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education East Carolina University Greenville, NC.

June, 2003: Project SUCCEED-HI exibited at Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf
Kent Robertson, shared the new SUCCEED-HI websit with the participants of the 2003 Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf International Symposium at NTID. CDs of the newly signned SUCCEED-HI lessons were given to attending teachers of the deaf for their evaluation and feedback.

July, 2002: ENCSD SUCCEED-HI teachers present lesson at the National Computational Sciennce Leadership Program
Calandra Edmonnds and Kent Robertson attended a second two-week training session as part of the NSF project, the "National Computational Science Leadership Program" (NCSLP). At the training session in Champagne Illinois received additional training on computational science and curriculum development. They also completed an additional environmental module which has been posted on both the NCSLP and SUCCEED-HI websites.

November, 2002: Project SUCCEED-HI showcased at SIgma Xi National Convention
Kent Robertson,presented our work in this project at a poster session and a concurrent session on serving underrepresented populations, of SIGMA Xi, the national scientific research organization, at their national conference.

February, 2002: Barton Professor/SUCCEED-HI Collaborator to present at conference for university programs
Dr. David Dolman, professor in the program to prepare teachers of the hearing-impaired at Barton College , has been selected to present at the Association of College Educators-Deaf/Hard of Hearing national convention in Charleston , SC. Dr . Dolman's presentation will describe the SUCCEED-HI project to other college educators who work in teaching programs for new teachers. Dr. Dolman will be joined at this conference by Dr. Harry Lang of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, another SUCCEED-HI collaborator.

January, 2002: New web page unveiled
January marked the release of the newly designed web page, created through the hard work of student interns from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). Students Kim Heard and Ahn Ly, reSearch mentorship students from the school, presented their logo design and web page layout/navigation system to SUCCEED-HI staff. The new logo features an embedded fingerspelling of the project acronym with a stylized lettering of the project title.

January, 2002: Principal Investigator/Project Director Interviewed by EASI
Principal Investigator Robert Gotwals will be the featured "guest" for the weekly webcasts presented by EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information. The interview, conducted via new voice chat transcription software, features EASI directors Dick Banks and Norm Coombs, both recipients of awards from the NSF Program for Persons with Disabilities. The 25-minute interview will be available for download either via audio RealPlayer format, or as text transcription from the Web.

November, 2001: ENCSD teachers and Barton students present at SC2001 (Denver, Colorado) for National Computational Science Leadership Program
SUCCEED-HI curriculum specialists brought their training and experience "online" at the national SC2001 supercomputing conference, held in Denver Colorado this month. Two teachers from the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf (ENCSD) -- Kent Robertson and John Farmer, and two education majors from Barton College -- Debra Brewer and Julie Beier -- were selected by the staff of the National Computational Science Leadership Program (NCSLP) to serve as classroom instructors for a group of over 100 high school teachers. The SUCCEED-HI-trained presenters prepared and presented hands-on teaching sessions in the use of the STELLA and Excel software tools in the areas of environmental science and biology. The two students were the only students invited to participate as presenters for the NCSLP education program.

November, 2001: Project SUCCEED-HI showcased at Sigma Xi National Convention
SUCCEED-HI student curriculum developer Katie Faust from Barton College, assisted by NCSSM students Kim Heard and Ahn Ly, presented the work of Project SUCCEED-HI at a poster session for undergraduates at the national Sigma Xi conference held in ReSearch Triangle Park, NC. Sigma Xi, a national science reSearch organization, invited selected students to present their work in science, mathematics, engineering, technology, and SMET education to the scientists gathered for this national meeting. The two students from NCSSM were responsible for the design and creation of the display poster used for this presentation.

September, 2001: Student interns from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics join the team
The SUCCEED-HI team has been augmented by two beginning this month! Shodor is hosting two reSearch mentorships from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, located nearby to Shodor's Durham offices. Students Kim Heard and Ahn Ly will be assisting SUCCEED-HI staff in developing a new "look and feel" to the SUCCEED-HI pages. During the course of their work, the students will develop skills in web design and layout, graphics design and production, and working in a collaborative team environment.

May, 2001: ENCSD SUCCEED-HI teachers selected for participation in the National Computational Science Leadership Program
Three SUCCEED-HI teachers -- Kent Robertson, John Farmer, and Calandra Edmonds from the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf (ENCSD) have been selected to participate in the National Computational Science Leadership Program, an NSF-funded program to introduce high school educators to computational science. The 18-month program begins with an intensive orientation week, held as a part of the national supercomputing conference, SC2001. During the week, the teachers will develop skills in computational science technologies, techniques, and tools. Following the conference, teachers will work to develop teaching modules in computational science, and will reunite in Illinois during the summer of 2002 to complete their work and develop leadership skills in teaching computational science.

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