These "Feedback" pages provide a forum for teachers, evaluators and the deaf community to share their thoughts on the DEAF CS materials. This feedback continues to be valuable to the authors of the DEAF CS materials as we strive to improve the effectiveness of our materials.
By placing this material on line, this valuable resource will be available to parents, pre-service and experienced teachers, and the deaf community. As we share our experience with teaching deaf students math and science through an inquiry based approach, all of our skills will improve along with our students'.
Please share your thoughts, comments and experiences with these materials by sending an email to: Kent Robertson.


forum: Description:
Questions about the materials with answers and suggestions.
General comments and feedback
Stories from the classroom.

Evaluation and Case Studies

Reports: Description:
A comparison of a deaf Algebra I class' ability to work through the standard (non-signed) Sequencer activity and then the same activity using the DEAF Interactivate version.

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