programmingMS 2016
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Class began with Joel explaining to the students that computers are devices to process input and to produce output. He also explained that computers do this through a series of instructions that they have been provided with. These instructions are the program which computers run on. Joel then had the students split up into pairs. One partner was the programmer and the other was the computer. The programmer then gave instructions for the computer to follow in order to try and draw an image on a whiteboard. After the pairs had been given ample opportunity to explore the exercise, the groups were then rearranged. This time, programmers had to give the computer instructions without being able to see what the computer had already done. After this activity the students took a quick break.

When the students got back from their break, Kaleb taught them about the usage of variables. Specifically that variables can hold many different types of data and that these types of data are unique. Kaleb also taught the students about operators and mathematical functions such as adding and subtracting. To finish up the lesson, Kaleb let the students play around with the source code to a diffusion model using what they had learned through the first day.