parallelUniverse 2016
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Today, Aaron told the workshop students to go onto an interactive website. As soon as they were ready, he then gave them each a number and told them to put that number into their model. Once the model was completed, they were told to give him the new number. From there, Aaron put all of the numbers into a graph. The classroom observed that the graph made an S shape. Aaron then asked the students if there were any way to make the activity quicker. The students gave some ideas, and Aaron explained that parallel computing was similar to the activity because it used multiple machines to complete tasks more quickly. Later, he had the workshop students make instructions for a task meant for one person and then another set of instructions for the same task though with an infinite number of people. This helped the students understand that even though working together makes things go faster, too many entities working together is useless. Then, he gave a rope to each person in the classroom. He had the students write down all the things they could think of that the rope could model. Finally he had the students find different activities online and offline that could use parallel computing.