iphone 2016
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After all of the students arrived, Aaron started the day by leading an activity where the students introduced themselves to each other and formed partners. After each partner introduced themselves, Kaleb led a discussion on "what is an app?". After the discussion, Aaron talked about basic computer concepts including CPU, memory, data, data types, and binary. He also discussed different computer programming languages including, C, C++, and C#. Finally, he taught them about basic coding concepts with respect to C, including variables, integers, hexadecimal characters, real numbers, and ASCII characters and how they relate to one another. Then, Aaron continued talking about data types, with an emphasis on booleans. After the break, Keith led the students in a tutorial in Xcode. This was the first activity that was really hands on compared with the lectures and discussions that Aaron presented. Keith taught the students about the basic meanings of characters in Xcode. This included the meaning of the @ symbol, %c, %d, and %f. Then, the students used the Xcode characters to calculate real numbers and integers. Finally, the students used the Data Representations Applet to compare real numbers and integers from Xcode with the binary characters used to represent the real numbers and integers.