webdesignMS 2015
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The student started off the class reviewing previous concepts from Monday’s class. The class went over tags such as <html>, <body>, <li>, and more. The students used TextWrangler to do this. They proceeded to play with background images. The students learned how to change background size, background repeat, background position, and background attachment. The class then learned what Cartesian Coordinates were. The class made a new TextWrangler file, and put the learned concepts to use. They made an html file but needed CSS. So, the class discovered what CSS was. The class proceeded to make a CSS file, learning how to link CSS to their html file. The class learned about “block” and “in-line”. Joel then taught the class about the <div> and <span> tags, specifically their use in positioning. They learned about what an id was too. The students later learned about classes, and more about the <div> tag. The class added content to their website using the <p> tag. After break Ishaan went into more in-depth CSS. The class learned a lot about float, positioning, and display. Ishaan also went over in-line and block again. The class was able to apply the concepts to their CSS file for their website.