programmingHS 2015
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As I arrived to this workshop the instructor, Phil List, was explaining the aspect of “Regex”. This term is known as regular expression, in which it dealt with the expression of regular strings and characters. The workshop gives the sense that if one is not here when it begins on time then they will not understand the material. It appears hard for me to grasp but the students appear to comprehend the material well. It then began to launch into a full-fledged lesson and exercise with Regex, also known as patterns.

The instructor began with examples and teaching with Regex. It appears they are written in forms of arrays. He specifies that after the Regex array be written, such as [a-g], a number bound by curly braces can define the length of the string chosen. Multiple numbers can also be written and separated by a comma to show the upper and lower bound of the string. During this tutorial, he introduced characters such as anchors. It is defined as a “point to a specific location”. Others we spoken for, such as a dollar sign or “hat”, which would define the position of the word being searched.

With these symbols introduced, Mr. List discussed what is accepted and what is not when you include these characters. Examples and exercises were done to get the students experienced with the topic of Regex.

As time passed and the final hour of the workshop approached, students acquired time to themselves to work on examples or a given assignments by the instructor to further sharpen their skills on Regex and patterns. Familiar terms were used such as “html”, “CSS”, and “JavaScript”, which hinted at the form the Regex would be written in or transferred to.