programmingHS 2015
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The students first started off the class by talking about numbers, strings and Booleans, as well as their place in programming. The class talked about properties and functions after that. After that, the students figured out how these things influenced a new concept called objects. Then the class learned about variables. The class used Jsfiddle to do these tasks. In addition, the students learned about Javascript and how it works. The class used all of this knowledge to figure out how to make objects in Javascript. In addition, the students learned about DOM (Document Object Modeling), and it’s application. The students then learned about consol and it’s applications. The students then went to Phil’s website to download and modify a program called vehicleObject. They learned the difference between .html and .js. The students learned about why Shodor uses models, and what Shodor is about. The class went through the code, on Textwrangler, figured out what certain keywords meant, and modified variables to figure out what each variable means. The students got to individually modify a part of the code to see how each piece of the code worked.