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The workshop students started the workshop with learning about what computer programming is. They completed an activity to learn how to plan to code. The students experimented by trying to write pseudo code for programming a calculator. Phil showed them his calculator program and explained how and why each line of code works. Then, Keith taught the students about binary code and datatypes as an introduction to his lesson. The students learned about primitives and strings. After learning about variables and booleans, they followed along with Keith at looking at his Objective C code. Keith taught them basic Objective C, including how to create a variable, how to create a string, and why it is necessary to use certain symbols.

The workshops students started their first program with Objective C. They created labels and buttons on their iPhone screen file, and added code to correspond with the labels and buttons they added. They covered basic concepts in coding and how to implement those concepts in their Objective C code. The workshop students then looked at functions and objects, and applied them to their program. The workshop students started working independently, and Phil and Keith helped individuals with their errors and problems.