math 2014
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Today the class looked at Algorithms and understanding the ways that one can solve problems put in front of us. First Miss Jenny had the students look at shape sorting Venn diagrams that explore solving for the rules that organized the Venn Diagrams and their shapes. The students explored different strategies, from randomly choosing different shapes to selecting different objects with at least one trait that remained the same. Then the students looked at how they might use algorithms to estimate answers to different situations, including counts of objects, length of lines, and areas of shapes. Next the students looked at algorithms that can find the factors of numbers, such as using prime factorization. Later the class looked at developing an algorithm to guess the number selected at random in a range of values, discovering it could be more efficient to guess by breaking the range into halves and repeating. They then examined the ideas of tessellations, the repeating of the same shape into a checkered pattern until it fills an area, and the students used an applet to play around with the shapes they could make. They also explored how M.C. Escher used tessellations to create some of his pieces of art. Finally the students looked at the algorithms that create Pascal’s triangle, and began to look at the patterns created by looking at multiples of different numbers.