ssp 2013
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Dr. Panoff taught day one of the Shodor Scholars Program, which is all about asking and understanding questions. He began by introducing computational thinking to the group and discussing how to think computationally in reference to building models, creating tools, and using critical thinking in everyday life. Within day one students were already thinking about what info they do and do not need in order to build or enhance models. After the intro, students explored the "How Do You Know (HDYK)" activity which test liquid or non-liquid centers in eggs, explores the sealed jars activity, and teaches other vocabulary for HDYK. As a class, they investigated web search engines and making sure what you get is actually what you are looking up and they learned how to question what you are given. The scholars, then determined if errors are significant by exploring by how many orders of magnitude they are off by using information algebra.

In the afternoon session, students examined "Other Peoples Models" or OPM. They investigated Agentsheets models at and spent time reviewing how the the forest fire model works and what to expect when using the tools. Students got a chance to explore similar models found within Interactivate like rabbits and wolves and spread of disease.