modeling 2013
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The "Modeling Your World" workshop started with Levi explaining the use and importance of simulations in modeling different situations. He then explained the difference between countable and measurable numbers. He also did a review of concepts used in experiments such as constants, observations, and expectations. The students were then made to find examples of countable and measurable numbers by analyzing the lengths and widths of plastic straws. Levi then went over how different answers can be found through the same equation. He explained this by describing how websites such as Google use the calculator to solve equations.

Levi then lectured about how websites are ranked on Google and taught the students to make sure that the value they receive on Google is the closest to the true value. Levi examined the different answers of the scientific notation of the mass of the Earth on various websites to emphasize this point. The students then received a glimpse of modeling on AgentSheets and what they will be working on in the next class session.