forensics 2013
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One of the instructors for the day, Levi Diala, started off the Forensics workshop with a segment that we call "How do you Know?" This involved the students performing various nondestructive tests on some eggs to determine what was inside of the eggs. Students were saying how eggs were raw or hardboiled, but when the eggs were cracked open, the students were surprised to see something other than egg inside of the egg shells - the first egg cracked open was filled with water.

Sarah Spivey and Eric Aiello, the instructors for the remainder of the day, guided the students through an activity that involved the students getting into pairs and having one of the students in the pair to memorize a picture - that student then had to describe the picture to their other partner. Not a single image produced by the students was exactly the same with respect to the original image. This activity helped show students why witness testimony might not always be the best thing in the world, since details are forgotten and assumptions are made by the person who was drawing the image.

The students finished up the day by examining a mockup crime scene. At the crime scene was the outline of a body and a mysterious white powder that seemed to be everywhere. The students were encouraged to make observations and to take samples of this power.