Explorations In Engineering 2013
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Wednesday was the day when the students learned about trusses and what it takes to make a building stand. These lessons were called "Takes Two To Topple" and "In Straws We Trussed". The students will use what they learned from applets and the lesson to build a physical structure on Thursday. During the "Takes Two To Topple" lesson, the students used legos to generate a hypothesis on where a lego must be in order to make the entire structure fall. After using both physical legos and an applet, the students devised a correct hypothesis to explain when and why a lego structure would fall. Next, the students learned about trusses. They used an applet that allowed them to make different types of trusses. The students also learned what it takes to make a truss that will stand, and not immediately fall. By learning this, they were equipped with the tools to make a structure that uses a truss to stand. As the teacher, Ron, said "Once you have seen a truss, you will notice trusses in everything and when you see an unstable building, you will know what makes it off balance".