webdesignMS 2011
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Krista and Elizabeth began the class with a game in which the students each said a sentence to collaborate a story so they could have some ideas for their websites. Then Krista went over what tags were and how they worked in HTML. Tags are what indicate specific elements on a website page. The most significant tag that they used was the html tag, which is needed to have a functional HTML document.

In case they weren't familiar with Macs, Elizabeth walked the students through how to navigate Finder to create a public_html folder so they could save their files in the right place. They added titles, content, and links to their pages and the students got excited when they saw that it worked. Ernie went through how they could link to some of their favorite websites by changing the reference codes.

They went on to CSS and how to link their HTML file to their CSS files. All of the interns really helped the students by showing them cool ways to format their websites. They had them link to a website called so they could play around with different color schemes for their websites for the next day.