Web Design Skills 2011
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They covered the basic concepts of HTML5 and CSS, and how each works with the other to create a functional website. Eric and Isabelle both took turns briefly describing the parts of a website, including tags and attributes. Isabelle had them create a public_html folder in their home directory while Eric explained the importance of having all of the files in a single folder. The kids in the workshop created an index.html file to hold the content of the web page and a stylesheet.css file in order to customize the web page to their liking. They used a text-editing program called TextWrangler, which is similar to Microsoft Windows' Notepad. After that, Isabelle had all of them copy the words that she typed on the board, and proceeded to describe each one in detail. They stylized their web pages with attributes such as background color, font family, and a horizontal navigation menu that changed appearance when the mouse rolled over it. At the end of the class, each student had a working website, complete with a basic layout and a small amount of information.