programmingMS 2011
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Today, the workshop was on NetLogo and learning to use it to create a sickness/infection-rate model. The workshop students each had the opportunity to create their own unique model of a real life situation.

Each model started off with one sick (infected) person, while everyone else was healthy. When one of the sick people comes in contact with a healthy person, there is a chance that the healthy person will become sick. After a certain period of time passes, the sick person becomes healthy again and also immune to the sickness for a period of time. The model cycles through this an unlimited amount of times while keeping a graph of the amount of sick, healthy, and immune people. One variable was a slider bar that adjusted the infection rate, which decided how quickly the population would become sick. After the model was finished it was able to alter many different aspects of the model, such as infection rate, recovery rate, starting number of healthy/sick people, and many other variables. This learning experience also gave the students a chance to learn to help and work with each other.