Programming Concepts 2011
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The class started out with the students copying a code in TextWrangler for a javascript project so they were all on the same page. Matt explained the components of the coding and what they mean/what they do. He mentioned that they would be graphing tomorrow but it turned out that they managed to get that done today! They were working on a SIR model that represented the process of sickness from one person to the next. Teresa went over how the model should function as the students tried to fix any errors that they had. They added functions to the coding for the graph to plot later on (the graph colors, point size, data sorting, and point connection). After adding the codes, they compiled it all and got the SIR graph working. This included the sliders that determined the characteristics of the graph which the user controls by moving them to desired settings.

There were multiple occasions where the students were either still typing or had a few errors, but making a few mistakes gave them the opportunity to learn from them. Nonetheless, they got the function buttons and sliders fully operational after testing them. They also worked on another SIR project that involved arrays. This provided a grid for the graph to show exactly what was being represented on the graph. The students were great at following along and creating their models because they were really engaged in the class.