Programming Concepts 2011
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Today was the second day of the Programming Concepts Workshop taught by Matt and his interns. The students were introduced to java and given their task for the week which is to build a fully functioning SIR model from the start using java. The task was broken down to a section for each day, starting in the order of layout, events, graphics and susceptible. Scott started them off with the layout section and gave them codes to add to their start model. He explained to them the different programming concepts with the help of Matt and also taught them acceptable programming practices along with a few programming tricks. After running and compiling their codes, the students ran into a couple of errors as expected. They were all calling for help to fix errors in their code which was a good experience for them to learn hands on how to code, find errors, and correct them in java. The students began to feel comfortable after a few trials and most of them learned how to debug on their own. In fact, when they ran the last two codes, no one had any errors! This was a great start of the java section and the students enjoyed building the models and actually seeing a visual impression of what was happening after compiling and running their codes.