Programming Concepts 2011
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The class on the day of 06/20/2011 was full; there were a total of 19 students attending the workshop and a total of 24 people in the room for the majority of the time (including interns and instructors). Matt was working with the class as the primary instructor teaching the students how to use the program NetLogo. Patricia Jacobs was assisting the class. The instructors used a projector to move step by step with the class. This allowed the students to see exactly what was going on while the instructors explained what each line of code meant and why it was being used.

The class started with a simple sheet, and eventually progressed over time to have a working model of an infection and how it would interact with people by the end of class. NetLogo wasn't the only program used however; the class also used either Safari or Mozilla Firefox. Although there were troubles at the beginning of the class (getting everything functional and prepared) the students were able to complete their tasks with the effective guidance of the instructors. Within the last 10 minutes of remaining time left for the session, the students went to the Shodor website to write up reflections on their experience.