Math Explorations 2011
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During this workshop students learned about basic probability. They started out with introductions, where each student said their name, school, and one unique thing about themselves. We discovered that our workshop students are very musical and many are exotic eaters. Next the teacher, Paul, introduced the idea of probability by asking students about the probability of rolling certain numbers on a die or picking certain cards out of a deck. They learned more about the probability of rolling dice with the "Racing Game with One Die" applet. After their break, students tossed coins in pairs, keeping track of the number of heads and tails, and tallied the results on a whiteboard in the front of the room. Then each student used the "Coin" applet to get very large samples of coin tosses. Students noticed that the larger the sample size, the closer the percentage of heads and tails was to 50%. For their last activity, students learned about more complicated probability with the "Monty Hall" and "Advanced Monty Hall" applets. Overall it was a very productive afternoon.