Graphics 2011
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The instructor, Jonathan, had the students download some pre-made javascript and html files from his website. There was a default container in which the game was located. The class was then shown the functions of the different files. The students commenced making and modifying a sprite (avatar) for themselves. After that the students made some more sprites. First were the "baddies", who could make the avatar "die" on contact. Then there came the "goodies", which the player could bump into and destroy. After the break, the class started introducing score and levels, as well as winning and losing. Next, the students were encouraged to make their own images for the sprites. They also added an array from which a message could randomly be picked when their avatar died. The students were given fifteen minutes to experiment on their own, and that concluded the first half of the workshop.

For the second half, the students were taught Blender, a modeling and animation program. The camera and light objects were introduced. The procedure to change colors was shown as well as making other objects. The class was then shown how to make a cube, the default object, dynamic. This meant that it could move and rotate. The class was instructed to make a game in which the cube jumps from platform to platform. After the break, animation was started. The goal was to get a series of cubes to fall elaborately. After creating the model, the students were taught to make that into an animation and from that a video. The class was concluded by making a fluid simulation.