modeling 2010
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Today, the students learned about probability. The students learned about it through examples and experiments. First, they considered a coin toss. What if a coin was tossed ten times? How many times will it land on heads and how many times on tails? The students guessed that there would be five heads and five tails, but in actuality, the coin landed on tails six times and it landed on heads only four times. How could this be? The teacher then explained that there are two types of probabilities. There is theoretical probability, which is the expected outcome, and there is experimental probability, which is the actual result.

The students then got to run an experiment involving M and Ms, which was, in their words, torturous, due to the fact that they had to finish the experiment before eating the M and Ms. There were 60 M and Ms in a bag and an equal number of all the six colors. The students each got an M and M filled bag. Each student had to shake his or her bag and then take an M and M out at random. The color of the M and M that was randomly chosen was then recorded on a graph. After 40 trials were run by each of the students and all of the results were graphed on a pie chart, the students were finally able to chow down on the candy, which they had to resist eating while running their experiments.