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Today in the iPhone Development workshop, Rob started off the class by discussing Objective C, the object oriented programming language that writes iPhone Apps. Rob went on to explain that you need three tools to develop an iPhone App: Xcode, Interface Builder, and a Simulator. All of these applications are free, but you must build the App on a Macintosh computer. The students quickly learned that Xcode is where you write and compile the code, Interface Builder is where you graphically lay out the views, and the Simulator allows you to watch the App you created run as if it is on an iPhone.

After Rob introduced these new concepts to the students, he took them through a simple example. He built a slider and label in Interface Builder, showed the students how to connect it to Xcode, and then ran it on the Simulator. Then the students worked together as a class to build their own App. Each student took turns at the mouse and the class worked together to create an App that linked three buttons to three websites. For the first button, the students chose a “music” theme and linked the button to The second button was given a “video games” label and linked to The final button was labeled “sports” and was linked to After an hour of working on this new iPhone App and figuring out the correct coding, the students were able to successfully create their App so that when they used it, they were able to have easy-access to the three chosen websites.