forensics 2010
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The forensics workshop began with an icebreaker where students introduced one another using made up information. After everyone was introduced, Darian began a brief lesson on the scientific method. She proposed an example situation: a car won’t start. The students brainstormed ideas about what steps they would take to solve this problem.

Then Darian explained another situation: her silly band was stolen earlier that day. As students learned about the 5 steps of the scientific method (determine the problem, hypothesis, procedure/method, conduct the experiment, and conclusion), they related it to the “silly band crime.”

Next, Jenny began a boring presentation on the history of forensics. As she was in the middle of explaining the forensics timeline, Asa ran in and interrupted. He said that there was a virus sent out to all the computers in the office and we needed to figure out who did it.

After break, Sam led the class through computer forensics. They discovered that an email containing the virus was received earlier that morning and was sent from Gavin’s email. The students searched the office a little bit and came to the conclusion that the email was sent from Eric’s computer. Once they figured this out, they went to Eric and Joel’s office to investigate. Ernie was yelling at Eric as the students entered the office but Ernie quickly left. The students found a bloody napkin in the office, but everything else seemed to be in order.