Web Design 2009
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During the second half of the day Ismael was leading a workshop on proper web design. He first showed several examples of bad websites. The class quickly pointed out the flaws with the sites such as abrasive colors, unorganized texts, and small and hard to see information. Then Ismael showed examples of good websites. Here the class identified how more simplistic and clean sites are easier and more appealing to viewers. This activity taught students how to critique their own websites when planning and designing.

After the Break Paris and Jasmine took over the workshop to teach how to use graphic programs to design and make web design mock-ups. They emphasized to remember what they learned with Ismael when they make their designs. Paris and Jasmine taught the students how to use tools such as square, circle, polygonal, and beizer curve tools on "InkScape", a vector graphics program, to create their websites.